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Ivory - Sisal Woven Tote Bag

Natural Ivory Classic Sisal Tote

Ivory - Sisal Woven Tote Bag

Woven Bag

A classic woven tote bag made from natural sisal fibres in it's natural ivory colour.


Product Description

This timeless tote bag is a staple, wether you intend to use it as a beach bag or filled to the brim with groceries this stylish tote is not only versatile and practical but made sustainably too.

Rural Kamba women living near Kitui, Kenya, hand weave these classic totes from tough sisal fibres, in it's natural ivory colour. Sisal grows well in the semi-arid climate of eastern Kenya, and its spiky leaves contain long fibres that can be extracted for weaving. Simple woven sisal handles make this a 100% sustainable accessory.

Item Details





Size (CM) - (W x H x L)

16" x 16.5" x 16"

Weight (KG)


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