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Small Tonga Filigree Wall Basket

Small Tonga Filigree Wall Basket1

Small Tonga Filigree Wall Basket

Decorative Baskets

Small wall basket woven from all-natural materials.


Product Description

Handwoven from palm leaves and wild twigs flat woven basket with subtle design and soft beige colour. Beautiful for the tabletop or as a wall adornment.

In the Binga District of northern Zimbabwe, the skilled women in BaTonga craft beautiful all-natural baskets from locally harvested materials. The BaTonga people once farmed the fertile land that was flooded by the damming of Lake Karibu, so weavers displaced across the lake demonstrate similar yet clearly distinctive styles.

Item Details


Palm leaves, twigs



Size (CM) - (W x H x L)

13" x 2" x 13"

Weight (KG)


Product Code


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